Event Process

The SDG Tech Awards is not just an award show celebrating and gathering sustainable technologies, but a multi-phase program that creates a permanent community of like-minded companies to share their tech, collaborate, and facilitate concrete developments towards the green transition.

Phase 1: Nomination Period

Our Nomination Committee works hard to nominate innovative sustainable technology developed or implemented by startups, SMEs, and corporations between the 6th and the 27th of October. At the same time, members of our green community have the chance to make nominations as well. 

Nominees confirm their participation by the 1st of November and receive a digital nominee badge. They will then get access to the greenimpact.io platform to provide the assessment criteria for their green technology.

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Phase 2: Assessment Period

Our third-party provider greenimpact.io assesses your solution’s impact through a data-gathering process. Nominees must fill out the assessment no later than the 8th of November. 

After providing the assessment criteria for their solution, the platform will provide us with a sustainability score based on the nominees business practices. These scores will determine the category finalists. 

Community Choice Award: share your nomination with your network asking them to vote for the most impactful sustainable technology between the 2nd and the 17th of November. The nominee with the most votes will be announced at the SDG Tech Awards show as the People’s Choice.

Finalists will be announced on the 20th of November and invited to attend the SDG Tech Awards show on the 4th of December in Industriens Hus, where we will announce the category winners.

Phase 3: SDG Tech Awards On The 4th Of December

Participate in event-day activities with our community, including:

  • Category Finals (closed event)
  • Solutions Expo and networking
  • Award presentations and celebrations
  • Roundtables
  • Keynote speakers from the Sustainability Ecosystem
SDG Tech Awards thumbnail
SDG Tech Awards thumbnail

Phase 4: Post-Event

For a limited time, finalist will gain free access to GreenImpact’s ESG platform, a dynamic toolkit to drive your sustainability efforts forward.

Winners receive a digital SDG Tech Awards Winner badge to use on their website, documents, or others.

The door to innovation is open and you are now part of the Sustainary community! Get invited to speak at events like Green Impact Week.