Program Timeline

Welcome to SDG Tech Awards 2023 – a celebration of innovation and impact. Beyond announcing the category winners and learning about their innovative solutions, immerse yourself in inspiring presentations and dynamic panel debates.


When you attend the award show in the 4th of December at Industriens Hus you can check out the program below or you can download it to have it on your phone.

10:00 -> 12:00

Finals of each category:

Digital Solutions
Circular Economy
Sustainable Cities
Food & Agrotech
Blue Water
Energy Innovation



11:30 -> 12:15

Registration, Refreshments & Mingle – Enjoy Bossa Nova Live Music

12:15 -> 12:30


12:30 -> 13:15

Presentation of Sustainable Cities winner
Presentation of Circular Economy winner
Presentation of Digital Solutions winner

13:15 -> 13:35

Panel: Research-based Presentation about ESG and Impact Journey for SMEs

  • Presented by DigitalLead and Gunnar Rimmel, Chair in Accounting and Sustainability Reporting at AAU
13:35 -> 14:05

Break with Bossa Nova live music

14:05 -> 14:20

Introduction to Green Impact’s ESG platform

14:20 -> 15:05

Presentation of Energy Innovation winner
Presentation of Blue Water winner
Presentation of Food & Agrotech winner

15:05 -> 15:45

Panel: ESG and SMEs – the risks and opportunities in a global perspective

We have an esteemed lineup of speakers for this discussion:

  • Marie Gad Hansen, the Director at DI (Confederation of Danish Industry), brings her expertise to the field of global development and sustainability.
  • Gunnar Rimmel, a Professor at Aalborg University, will provide valuable insights into the academic perspective on ESG and its implications for SMEs. Lastly, we have
  • Carlos Moscardo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, who will shed light on the global perspective of ESG and its relevance to SMEs. Together, these panelists will explore the risks and opportunities associated with ESG in the context of SMEs on a global scale.
15:45 -> 16:15


16:15 -> 17:00

Presentation of Best SME winner
Presentation of Best Company winner
Presentation of Community Choice winner