Here you can read the finer details about the SDG Tech Awards Denmark 2023.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please reach out to the SDG Tech Awards 2023 project manager, Janina at or call our SDG Tech Awards hotline at +45 50 39 66 09

When and where is the SDG Tech Awards show?

The SDG Tech Awards show will take place in Copenhagen on the 4th of December. Look forward to exciting award presentations, inspiring keynote speakers, networking at the tech solutions expo, and more!

Where can I get tickets to the SDG Tech Awards show?

Tickets for the SDG Tech Awards will be available soon on our website. Look forward to exciting award presentations, inspiring keynote speakers, networking at the tech solutions expo, and more!

What are the requirements for nomination?

    –   Have an legal entity in Denmark

    –   Have a sustainable technology that fits one of our categories

Please note that we are looking at a specific sustainable technology implemented by the nominee, NOT the sustainability of the company as a whole.


What are Sustainable Technologies?

Sustainable technology is an umbrella term that describes innovation that revolutionizes our way of doing things to improve our social and natural environment. This for example can be digital technologies like apps, software, systems, and automation, or it can be hardware technology like production systems, or infrastructure.

What is the SDG Tech Awards process?

Companies are nominated by our nomination committee and asked to confirm their nomination by the 22nd of September. Once confirmed, they will receive a digital nominee badge and must complete the GIA Screening Tool by the 10th of October, which provides all the information our jury panel needs to assess your green technology and determine the winners in each category.
Companies also have the option of completing the full GIA for FREE to receive third party certification of their solution. After jury assessments take place, finalists are announced on the 4th of November, and will be invited to attend the SDG Tech Awards on the 7th of December for free. Other nominees are still encouraged to purchase a ticket and participate in the event’s exciting award presentations to category winners, inspiring keynote speakers, networking at the tech solutions expo, and more! After the event, we will release our SDG Tech Awards Top 100 Danish Sustainable Technologies list and ebook, as well as continue to engage with you through other Sustainary programs, such as the Green Impact Week!


How does the People’s Choice Awards work?

Once you have confirmed your nomination, we will send you a link before the 11th of October that all nominees can share with their network via social media asking them to vote for the company they believe should win. Voting closes on the 3rd of November, and the company with the most votes will be announced at the awards show as the People’s Choice on the 4th December.

Who Runs the SDG Tech Awards?

Sustainary are Your Partners for Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We support startups, SMEs and companies with green transition innovation and growth.

How does the Jury Assessment work?

The GIA Screening Tool filled out by each nominee focused on their green technology will be sent to our 3rd party jury panel for assessment. Based on the average score rating from each jury member, finalists and winners in each category will be selected. Finalists will be announced on 4 November, while the winners will be announced on 17 November at the SDG Tech Awards show.

What is the 3rd party expert jury panel?

The jury panel is made up of experts in green technology who are dedicated to the advancement of our sustainability ecosystem. The jury are essential members of this event, and see beyond greenwashing to ensure that every selected finalist has an innovative and sustainable technology. These inspiring individuals are leaders, managers, CEOs, and more. You can see details on each individual jury member here.

What is the full GIA (Green Impact Assessment)?

This year, we have teamed up with to give nominees the option of certifying their green solution with the Green Impact Assessment. After confirming your nomination, you can choose to either fill out the GIA Screening Tool (which takes ~20 minutes), or the full GIA (which takes ~1 hour). Which route you take DOES NOT affect your final score. The GIA Screening Tool is a fast way to verify your company as anti-greenwashing, and includes questions used by our jury panel to score your company for the SDG Tech Awards. The full GIA includes the same questions which will be used by our jury, however it also includes questions about your company’s LCA, market adaptation, social and environmental impact, making it possible to provide an external certificate for your green solution. This certificate is specific to the green technology you are nominated for, and therefore can be used to monitor, measure, and validate your specific technology, making it more transparent and credible to stakeholders and investors. Normally this assessment costs €800-3400, however, we have agreed to provide all SDG Tech Awards nominees with the GIA for free. Read more about the GIA on their website.

I missed the confirmation deadline! What can I do?

As soon as possible, please contact Janina the SDG Tech Awards Project Manager at, or call our SDG Tech Awards hotline at +45 5039 6609. We will do our best to accommodate you and make sure you can participate in the program!

Can I make a nomination?

This year, we decided not to hold public nominations, but only give this opportunity to our carefully selected Nomination Committee in order to minimize green washing and spam. You can find out more about our Nomination Committee here.

Who Nominated Me?

All our nominations are made by our nomination committee, a panel of dedicated green ecosystem leaders who have identified the startups, SMEs, and corporations implementing innovative sustainable tech worthy of celebration.

Is it Free to Participate?

To attend the event you need to purchase a ticket, but it is for free to participate in the whole nomination process. This is because Sustainary is the association for green innovation entrepreneurship, supporting startups, SMEs and companies with green transition innovation and growth. Tickets will be available on our website at a later date and announced among the nominees and finalists.