Frequently Asked Questions

Explore in-depth information regarding the SDG Tech Awards Denmark 2023.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Janina, the Project Manager for the SDG Tech Awards 2023, at, or you can reach our SDG Tech Awards hotline at +45 50 39 66 09.

Tickets to the SDG Tech Awards Show are now available and you can buy  them directly on our website.

Look forward to exciting award presentations, inspiring keynote speakers, networking at the tech solutions expo, and more!

There are only limited seats available at Industriens Hus, so make sure to secure yours!

Participation in the SDG Tech Awards and competing in the different Award Categories is free of charge! No fee will be charged for taking part in the Impact Assessment.

Only for attending the award ceremony on the 4th of December at Industriens Hus you need to purchase a ticket for 150 ddk. 

Joining the Award Show is an exciting opportunity to learn about innovative tech solutions and connect with like-minded individuals in the green ecosystem.

We are trying to make our event as financially sustainable as possible, so you will need to purchase a ticket for 150 ddk to attend the Award Show.

As a nominee, it is required that you:

  • have a legal entity in Denmark
  • have a sustainable technology that fits one of our categories


Please note that we are looking at a specific sustainable technology implemented by the nominee, NOT the sustainability of the company itself.

Sustainable technology is an umbrella term encompassing innovative solutions that revolutionize our practices, aiming to enhance our societal and natural environment.

Examples include digital technologies such as apps, software, systems, and automation, hardware technologies such as production systems and infrastructure, or any other physical innovation/process that improves our environment.

Once more, we have given our carefully selected Nomination Committee the opportunity to nominate sustainable technologies in all categories.

However, to also give a voice to members of our green community, we have decided to allow public nominations again.

We will announce the opening for nominations on our Social Media channels shortly – so keep an eye open!

Our third-party provider assesses your solution’s impact through a data-gathering process.

You will get access to the platform where you will be able to fill in the assessment criteria.

The platform will then provide you with a sustainability score based on your business practices.

Once you have confirmed your nomination, we will send you a link before the 6th of November that all nominees can share with their network via social media asking them to vote for the company they believe should win.

Voting closes on the 10th of November, and the company with the most votes will be announced as the Winner of the People’s Choice Award on the 4th of December at Industriens Hus.

Please contact Janina, the Project Manager for the SDG Tech Awards 2023,  as soon as possible at, or call our SDG Tech Awards hotline at +45 50 39 66 09.

We will do our best to accommodate you and make sure you can participate in the program!

SDG Tech Awards is an initiative by Sustainary, a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to mobilize impact. Sustainary supports startups, SMEs and companies with green transition, innovation, and growth. 

For this year’s event, we partnered up with, an integrated sustainability platform, for holistic sustainability practices. assesses all the nominees, to ensure that our award show celebrates the pioneers of green innovation.

The Solution Expo at the award show on the 4th of December will feature a remarkable lineup of innovators and change-makers. The spotlight is reserved for the nominees and finalists of the SDG Tech Awards, providing a platform for these exceptional individuals and teams to showcase their impactful solutions.

Every participant in the Expo area will be provided a high table and electricity if needed. You will be asked about your needs when signing up for the Expo. 

If you plan to bring larger exhibits, please get in touch with Janina, the Project Manager for the SDG Tech Awards at