The 5th Anniversary Of SDG Tech Awards in Denmark

Let’s celebrate and recognize the importance of sustainable innovation across various sectors and fields.

04.12.23 – @Industriens Hus

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Read more about 'Why' you should attend the SDG Tech Awards 2023.

Participate in the SDG Tech Awards to showcase your commitment and be recognized as a leading contributor to global sustainable development. This platform allows you to highlight your initiatives and build a reputation as a key player in driving sustainable solutions.

Gain valuable insights on the global risks and opportunities of ESG for SMEs. Participate in exciting discussions between industry, institutional, and regulatory level representatives on ESG.

Expand your sustainability network by engaging with companies at the forefront of innovative Greentech implementation in Denmark. Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and connect with pioneers driving sustainable solutions.

Attendees gain access to the Green Ecosystem and can connect with industry leaders and experts committed to sustainable development. Foster the exchange of ideas and resources, and open doors to new partnerships, funding opportunities, and industry connections.

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Celebrate Half a Decade of Memories

Join Us for Our 5th Anniversary

Be inspired by the incredible individuals and organizations that are shaping a sustainable future for all.