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The largest sustainability award in the Nordics

The event took place on

November 10, 2021 from 13:00 until 17:00

Vandværket, Rabarbervej 2, Copenhagen


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Our Goal:

To join the COP26 conversations around climate change and a green transition for our future! The SDG Tech Awards celebrates sustainable technologies from startups, SMEs and corporations to create a cross-sector collaborative community of impact makers.

When you join the SDG Tech Awards, you open the door to innovation.

"You have a unique opportunity to be recognized by your peers for your work on the SDGs and your contribution to solving the world's greatest challenges."

Fleming Lynge Nielsen,
Sustainability Director at Danfoss

"Having awards in the area of sustainability is something which is needed because it is going to be on the top of the agenda and by defining such awards it puts everyone’s attention in that direction."

Claus Risager,
CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics

"We were happy to partner with Sustainary at the SDG Tech Awards 2020 because it is an initiative that manages to link awareness with action, and turns good intention into practical, tangible, actions."

Thomas Norman Canguilhem,
Co-Founder & CEO of EcoTree

"Sustainary and [SDG Tech Awards] are really important platforms to showcase to the world the green innovations we have in Denmark that can be solutions to some of the societal and climate problems we have globally."

Mathilde Jakobsen,
Co-Founder & CEO of Fresh.Land

"Winning the SDG Tech Awards has three benefits: there’s new opportunities, there's recognition of the network and internal motivation, and recognition of our programs themselves. All these things have been very valuable for us."

Daniel Schaffer,
CEO of Foundation for Environmental Education

"Participating in the SDG Tech Awards creates a good opportunity not just as a winner, because even if we had not won the award, we got connected with very good partners- entrepreneurs and startups- and you see that there’s a common goal. So this is an interesting competition where we all can win."

Dr. Anuj Dhariwal,
Biochemical Engineer at HelloScience

"Winning the Best Company award in a competition with many of our peers is a huge recognition of us and our work within sustainability and the puts pressure on our shoulders to continue to deliver on the SDGs."

Fleming Lynge Nielsen,
Sustainability Director of Danfoss

"Joining tech with the SDGs is super important. I think that having this big event commemorating this union between tech and the SDGs makes them more relatable and easier for companies like us to highlight the impact that we’re making. It’s really great to have a place where all different industries can unite."

Yamanda Boukmakh,
Head of Partnerships at CanopyLAB